We hope everyone had a great time at the 2016 Bart Conner / Nadia Comaneci International Invitational held in Oklahoma City, OK!

FindPhotoBannerUSAGAll female participants were photographed on FLOOR. Men were photographed on RINGS.

USAG Nadia Comaneci Int’l Invitational
(Cox Convention Center)

Please note: Many of you were not able to order the 3-Image Composites on-site due to some technical difficulties we were having. We have set up a special ordering page for you, if you still wish to order those (along w/ the plaques!). CLICK HERE to go to that page.

AAU Nadia Comaneci Int’l Invitational
(Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy)


USAG Bart Conner Int’l Invitational
(Cox Convention Center) – Photos are unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience