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CHSAA 4a, 5a Boys Tennis State Championships

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Thursday, DAY 1

  • 5a Cherry Creek
  • 5a City Park
  • 4a Pueblo (Note: Images are sorted by TIME, then COURT #; Ex. Folder titled “4-5.30 ct3,5,6,7,12” would mean 4pm to 5:30pm on Courts 3, 5, 6, 7 and 12)

Friday, DAY 2

  • 5a Cherry Creek  (You should know which court you played on)
  • 4a Pueblo  (No Photos Today)

Saturday, DAY 3

  • 5a Cherry Creek (Photos were ‘by request only.’)
  • 4a Pueblo – Due to the unforeseen weather delay circumstances, we are unable to staff the remainder of the tournament. Our deepest apologies.


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